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Pointoselect DT Differential detector

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Schwa-medico POINTOSELECT DT Digital Detection and electrical stimulation device
Last generation differential detector and electrical device. Double measure impedance 5 µA. detector
Automatic detection of gold and silver ear acupuncture points. Beep sound and luminous signals with reverse function Stimulation frequencies adjustable from 2 Hz. to 128 Hz. Pulse width: 60 to 120 ms. Impulses form: exponential positive and negative Output power: 200 V max. (at 20 kOhm) 1 x 9-V Alcaline battery included Nominal power: 30 mA Degree of electrical safety: Type BF Measurements: External dimensions: 114 x 59 x 29 mm Total weight: 290 g. Delivered with a carrying case Made in Germany. 1 year guarantee. Class IIa according to 93/42 EEC CE 0482
Point locators measure the electric impedance of the acupoints. Differential detectors using double measurement are more precise Caution: please check if this device is for professional use only in your country.

PointoS DT