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ATech-50 schwa-medico

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Laser ATech-50 schwa-medico
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ATech-50 schwa-medico
The new infrared laser of schwa-medico´s proven Modulas laser family meets the challenges of the digital age and the associated requirements of the users of technology and appearance.
The ATech 50 is a red light laser which works on the upper skin layers, visibly displaying their healing power. This is the reason for their use in ear and body acupuncture, dermatology and in dental medicine.
Suitable for: Acupuncture: Ear and body acupucnture
Dermatology: Ulcera cruris, scars, eczema, acne, herpes labialis
Dental medicine: Aphatas, paradontitis, gingivitis, wound therapy
int detector mechanism.
Technical data: CW laser diode Output power 50 mW +- 10% Power supply 4.8 V = NiMH rechargeable battery Bead spread 1° Laser class 3B according to DIN EN 60825-1/10.2003 Class IIa according to MD directive 93/42/EEC
Guaranteed 2 years. Made in Germany.
Include: 1x ATech-50 Ref. 205319 1x Patient eye protector glasses PSB3 206926 1x Plug battery charger 260-3618 205335 1x Laser control system 1x Carrying case 1x Instructions manual
A-Tech 50