Book - Laser & Acupuncture on dogs and cats

Lasertherapie und Laserpunktur bei Hund und Katze / DE
Lasertherapy for Dogs and Cats / EN
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Book - Lasertherapy for Dogs and Cats / EN 160 pages.

Authors: Peter Rosin, Anja Fuchtenbisch

Low-level laser therapy is an acknowledged treatment method which has proven effective for decades and today is also used more and more often in the treatment of small animals with good success. Low-level lasers are employed locally for tissue regeneration, wound healing, and pain relief. However, they are also suitable for stimulating reflex, trigger, and acupuncture points. Both approaches complement one another, yielding an extremely effective combination therapy that also gives veterinarians access to regulatory treatment methods which animals otherwise tend not to tolerate.
This is a book for users which is meant to provide a fast and hands-on introduction to the practice of laser therapy. To this end, it briefly presents the way it works before providing tried-and-tested therapy plans for the most important indications in dogs and cats in a way that is compact, comprehensible, and perfectly clear. The therapy plans are based on the insights of Peter Rosin, a pioneer in holistic veterinary medicine, who has more than 20 years of experience with laser therapy and laserpuncture in the treatment of small animals.
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