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Electro-Stimulator Device 6 Output channels

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Electronic acupuncture treatment device, 6 Ouptput channels. 

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Electronic acupuncture treatment device, nerve and muscle Stimulator Device - 6 Ouptput channels.
For auriculotherapy, acupuncture, analgesia and lipolysis treatments.

Electronic Acupunture Treatment Instrument (nerve and muscle stimulator) combines the latest computer technology with traditional chinese medicine acupuncture and meridian theory. Used for applying low frequency pulse to stimulate the acupoints of the human body. For auriculotherapy, acupuncture, analgesia, lipolysis .

6 output channels, frequencies adjustable from 1 to 100 Hz. Can be used with up to 12 electrodes , 12 normal or alligator clips. Continuous, intermittent or dense-dispersed waves. The small sized clips reduce the weight applied to the inserted acupuncture needles. Asymmetrical two direction pulse wave. + 0.175 ms. Ouptput power : 70 V Maximum per channel with 500 Ohm.

Includes: - 6 output wires - 12 alligator clips - 6 self-adhesive electrode stickers - 1 Power transformer DC 9V
May be used with 6 x DC9V (R14) batteries not included

Made in China, CE 0434. 1 year guarantee.
Caution: please check if this device is for professional use only in your country. Ecotax EUR0.01 included